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7 Days to Die XML Decoded

Unlike a wiki, all information shown is dynamically generated from stock 7 Days to Die XML files directly from our game server. This means new items or changes to current items show up as soon as we update our servers, no waiting on a web site admin to update the pages.

  • Since display names are not part of XML files, they are generated automatically by capitalizing letters, adding spaces and removing numbers. This causes some variations from the game
  • Some items have been given custom groups where the group information was missing from the XML.
  • Future plans include pulling information for more items, bioms, vehicles, entities, skills and more.


2016-11-01 18:12 Alpha 15
I updated the items with Alpha 15 when it was released and forgot to post the change log. New images added as well.
2016-07-20 21:57 Items (Create)
For the few items that can be created by the use of another (for example; Empty Jar is created by drinking Bottle Water), I added the new CREATE tab in the How to Obtain section of items where this applies.
2016-07-19 23:17 Contact Form
I've added a basic contact form as a means to receive your suggestions or requests for the site.
2016-07-19 21:35 Change Log
The Change log is verified up and running. As new features are added or fixes implemented, the changes will be reflected here.
2016-07-19 20:48 A New Look
The new website is in production and will be used going forward in preparation for information from new 7 Days XML files to be added to the site. All existing data has been ported over and formatted to the new site. Performance and visual enhancements will be priority until Alpha 15 is released.

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